The Next Chapter

December 2, 2021 marks the next chapter in the Grey Bruce Technology Network (GBTN) story.  What started as a Facebook group in December 2016 to meet and network with remote-based technology professionals is about to “catapult” itself to the next level and connect into all corners of Grey and Bruce Counties.

The origins of this next chapter begin in the summer of 2018, when I was invited to participate in a roundtable working session on the development of the Grey County Business Generator, which would be located in the Grey County Innovation Centre (the former Sydenham School and now Sydenham Campus).  From this meeting, the seed of Catapult Grey Bruce was planted.  Early on in the development of Catapult, I saw an opportunity to integrate the network into Catapult’s programming.  However, to properly launch the network across a greater audience and become a real asset to Catapult, more was needed.   With 2 young kids, a full-time job and helping start Catapult I didn’t have the time or skills to push it to the next level.

That brings us to GBTN meetup #7 in January 2019.  Chris Herbert, one of the founders of Silicon Halton came up to snowy Owen Sound to attend this meetup which was hosted by CTRE Productions.  Chris would continue to engage with the network after this meeting and even attended meetup #12, the “cattle rager” 😊. 

Chris moved to Keady in early 2021 and began volunteering with Catapult.  As Catapult Executive Director Jen Christie and Chris began to talk to stakeholders in the community many indicated that a technology network would be valuable.  Chris and Jen began to develop a plan to take GBTN to the next level.  Today, I am happy to see that GBTN is ready for takeoff as a part of Catapult Grey Bruce with Chris leading the charge.

The Catapult Tech Network (CTN) will start hosting meetups and is excited to pilot some innovative, cross-sector projects starting in the new year. Events will centre around Owen Sound and Port Elgin to start and expand across Grey Bruce. To learn more and join, visit

I want to thank everyone who came out to any of the 25 events hosted over the last 5 years. For me the network was always about connections- making connections and connecting people.  This next chapter solidifies the idea, “Connections make technology, technology makes connections.”

 Cheers, Mike

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