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Summer is here, for the most part.  Although the weather has been dodgy there is always lots to do, here’s hoping you all had time to get out and get some fun in.  We took in several of Owen Sound’s summer festivities.  There is something going on every weekend throughout the summer! The whole Maawanji’iding: Festival Canadiana Owen Sound – June 30 to July 9, 2017 was great.  The first weekend we went to Imagination Day.  It was great to see our friends at LaunchPad there with technology driven content for kids.  We hit the street festival one day where my daughter got to see snakes and reptiles. The following weekend we took in the Big Rubber Duck and some live entertainment.

On July 25 we had a meet up featuring Stan Didzbalis from the Bluewater Angel Investor Group http://www.bluewaterangels.ca/ , as well as Paulette Peirol City of Owen Sound https://www.owensound.ca/ and Chris Hughes of BC Hughes http://www.bchughes.ca/ . Stan provided us with details about the Bluewater Angels and their efforts to grow the local economy through investing.  Paulette and Chris gave us the skinny on the Millennipreneurs Recruitment Campaign.

If you are familiar with Dragon Dens then you will likely be familiar with what the Bluewater Angels are looking for when approaching a potential investment. First the angels want equity, it’s not a loan. Each Angel decides whether or not to invest their own money.  A candidate may have one or more Angels make offers.  The Angels are looking for candidates with a strong business plan and if possible an existing customer base.  Any candidate must have a product/service that is scalable and being on the leading edge or providing a disruptive technology is an asset.  Stan said over 40 applications have been received but no funds handed out yet.  The Angels provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates so that they can sharpen their proposal.

The Millennipreneurs Recruitment Campaign is launching this month and is going to be a very unique marketing initiative from the City. Presenting the city’s challenges as opportunities to eager Millennipreneurs is a differentiator from other live/work/play campaigns.  A website will ask a series of filter questions to determine fit.  The questions will be bold and a bit cheeky an example Chris gave off the cuff was   “Do you like snow?” if the person answered no they would be linked to a site for Windsor economic development.  Successful applicants will be provided a weekend stay and be toured by ambassadors that are matched to the applicant.  Any of OSTN members interested in being an ambassador contact Paulette Peirol ppeirol@owensound.ca .  The more ambassadors we have the better matching can be done.  Whatever time commitment you can make will help.

I was excited to hear more about the Downtown River Precinct Plan. We will keep our eyes on this as it develops. https://www.facebook.com/CityofOwenSound/videos/1570825836272371/

We are going to have a Summer Social on Thursday August 31, 7pm at Leith Beach.  Come enjoy hopefully nice weather and beautiful views.  Check out https://www.facebook.com/greybruceexplorer/  to see what the view looks like when the sun goes down.  Bring a lawn chair, your favorite beverage and snack, chat tech or not with other members.

In the fall look for a meet up at Georgian College and maybe one at an exciting new tech spot downtown 🙂

Cheers, Mike

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