GBTN Newsletter – Blursday Edition

What day is it?  It’s Blursday.  Blursday has become the official day in our house during the pandemic.  Hunkering down and staying home wasn’t too difficult here and I am sure for a lot of network members who work from home the transition was similar.  Even though we joke it is Blursday here we are fortunate to not have our routine severely disrupted.  I feel for those who have had their routines disrupted. Routines keep us anchored and when they change it can be stressful and overwhelming.   There is a programming analogy in there somewhere. 😊

Wondering why GBTN hasn’t moved online to Zoom to continue meeting?  When I started GBTN it was because I missed meeting, talking and connecting with people after working from home for many years.  Another Zoom meeting during these times just didn’t follow the spirit of what GBTN was built on, connections build technology, technology builds connections.  But wait Mike “technology builds connections” and Zoom is technology right so why not? Because I see the statement this way. Connections build technology – the human connection between people passionate about ideas and the pursuit of something new and exciting is what builds technology. Technology builds connections – the passion and love of new technology and what it brings to humans builds the connections between like minded individuals.  I don’t get those feelings from Zoom meetings.  I am confident there will come a time when we will meet again in person on a Tuesday night at 7pm.  There may be different protocols, we may be further apart but we will be together. GBTN will pause for the summer as we always do and in the fall hope to return to our previous routine.

To keep with newsletter routine let’s look back at the meetings from pre-pandemic times.

GBTN #22 – Speed Networking” sponsored by Owen Sound Hub – The plan was for a quick and easy networking game.  Everyone grabs a partner and has 2 minutes to fire off questions. Keep changing partners until you’ve met everyone in the room.  With a small group who were ready to chat we quickly stopped the timer and just started talking.  Beer from Mudtown, ginger syrup, soda and snacks were available which kept us all fueled.  I had to kick everyone out at 9pm otherwise we may have gone on chatting for the whole night.

GBTN #23 – Tackling Rural Internet – Sponsored by Sunny Wahi – While planning this meeting Sunny was Senior Network Administrator with GBTel.  Just before the meeting Sunny begun a new job with South Bruce Grey Health Centre as a Network Analyst.  Needless to say, Sunny knows a lot about rural internet and networks.  Sunny explained the physical challenges of rural internet, like the curvature of the earth, the point to point bandwidth availability and the financial challenges of rural internet when it comes to cost per subscriber.  The high cost of rural internet infrastructure means it take an ISP 2-3 years to recoup their investment per subscriber compared to 2-3 months for in a high-density urban area.  With the high cost and long ROI, it is no wonder there is little investment in the rural space. 

GBTN @ Bowling for Kids Sake – A few of us got together and participated in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Bowling for Kids Sake Event.  It was a blast and team GBTN was able to raise $250 towards the cause.  Thanks to Neal, Len, Iain, Erin and Matt for coming out.  Especially Erin for the fill in for Marc and showing us that she’s a boss at 5 pin.

There are a number of business resources available out there here are a few local ones I thought would be of interest.

Grey County has a comprehensive page which includes the Community and Business Resiliency Map and information on the Business Enterprise Centre – Ask a Professional Series

Good friend and local tourism marketing guru Chris Hughes has teamed up with several leaders in the tourism field to create a resource for the Canadian Tourism Industry.

Finally, an event near and dear to me, CMHA Ride Don’t Hide, will not be running as per usual this year.  CMHA has created Ride Don’t Hide Virtually instead where participants can ride /participate in their own way.  I plan to ride the 100 km route as I have the past 4 years on Sunday June 14th to raise awareness and funds for mental health.  Please consider donating, mental health is more important than ever as we all cope with the stresses of the pandemic.

Cheers, Mike

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